Keeping things simple.

Create a video. Select a license. Complete payment.​

Each Target video is charged only once. Reusing with more than one Source video is cost effective
 i.e. localizing to multiple languages

Pay as you go


Subscribe and pay less per minute



With a 'Personal' license you
can use the video
offline and
in a 
private setting.


2 Credits/Minute

1½ Credits/Minute



With a 'Non-Commercial' license you can show the video online as long as the target audience is
less than 50,000 organic views.

4 Credits/Minute


  1 Credit = $100  

Special Limited 
Launch Prices

Need More?


Do you require a commercial license, or planning on broadcasting to more than 50,000 viewers?


Full Service

Do you require a full service solution? We can assist with selecting target videos, recording source videos and post-production.

Important to know


All target and source videos are monitored and approved by our team to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Guidelines, accessible through the platform


Output video files are H.264 encoded.
With a personal license you will get a lower bit-rate and with non-commercial a higher bit-rate.

For different encodings please contact us for a quote


All purchases are of at least 1 minute