Transform Your Videos
to any Language, 
with any Dialogue

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Speak like a Native

You wrote a script, added a few jokes, rehearsed for hours, finally got in front of a camera only to be reminded that, like most of us, you don't have a perfect English accent?

Overcome insecurities and speak in your own words using VDR, like a true native English speaker.

Engage with your global audience in any language

Let's face it, you're the face of your brand. But in today's world, a brand is always global. You can't be everywhere and speak every language, right? Well now you can!

Nothing will mean more to your brand than speaking to your audience directly, in their language, using VDR. 

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Localize and Personalize your content

You created the perfect campaign, hired the best talent, searched for the best location for hours, and now you realise
you have to do it all over again in Spanish?

Have your star speak any language and increase the success of your campaign using VDR.

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Reuse existing footage

Shooting day is finally over, that was exhausting!

But what happens if a few days later you want to change the script? Back to the studio? Oh no!

Luckily, you can reduce reshooting costs by replacing the dialogue in existing footage using VDR.



Introducing Video Dialogue Replacement (VDR).
No more subtitles. No more animated characters.

The Work Process

A target video is the original video to be edited by our AI

Upload Target   
& Source   Video

A source video is a video that contains a new dialogue

AI Magic
Final video with watermark
Final High Quality Video

Upload Source and Target Videos

A target video is the original video to be edited by our AI. A source video is a video that contains the new dialogue.

AI Magic

This is where the magic happens! 
Our AI now recreates the target video with a new dialogue from the source video.

Final Video with Watermark

You will now 
receive an email confirming your video is ready, so you can verify everything looks great.

Terms and Conditions compliance

Our team verifies that uploaded videos meet our T&C and follow our guidelines.
Contact us directly for manipulation of politicians/celebrities for satirical or artistic purposes. 

Quality Assurance

While AI will soon take over the world, for now it still needs humans to make sure it didn't add extra eyes or draw a cat instead of a person. Our team is here just for that. 

Final High Quality Video

Get a high quality result with your chosen license and without a watermark.




Join the revolution!

From localizing commercials, supporting VFX in TV shows, reducing reshooting costs to creating a new genre of satire,
VDR is making a difference and being trusted by major brands. 


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